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Parent and Student Testimonials


I just wanted to share with you how positive the experience was with Aspiro for both Christian and myself. He has grown enormously and seems to be well on the road to health and well-being. I was able to spend a few hours with him in Missoula, Montana on his way to Building Bridges and the time together was wonderful-he looked so well and was very positive. He was so well loved and mentored by his guides and Sandy, it was beyond my expectations and I am grateful beyond what words can express that we were led to Aspiro.

I am praying for Aspiro to flourish, to continue on the great path it is already on, and for your other teens to have a great turn around.

Karen Bender

Gordon – I wanted to thank you for such a positive and educational parent’s seminar. Aspiro continues to exceed my expectations at every turn. It seems like you have anticipated every inevitability and prepared accordingly. Our son Asher seemed so grounded, calm, and well supported. Caitlin is amazing. From a parent who has watched her child struggle for most of his 18 year life, this is the first time I felt that he was in a place where the adults “got it.”

With gratitude,

wilderness programs for troubled youth

Good Morning!

I could not let today go by without writing to my Aspiro Family. Especially today I want to thank you for all that you did to help our son and our Family. The Aspiro Family helped put my family back together. My boys are behaving like true brothers and our home is so peaceful and enjoyable. Our son is still a teenager but he is part of our family again, I am so thankful for all that you did to help him grow this summer.

- Lori Vogel, Boca Rotan, FL


“I can’t tell you how impressed we were with the quality of Aspiro and its leaders, guides, and therapists. It was an amazing experience for our adopted daughter.”

 - The Grottke’s, Wheaton, IL


“I still look back at those memories as one of the best learning experiences of my life and I truly believe what you guys do makes a difference.”

- 14 year-old, 2008 Aspiro graduate 




“The adventure piece of the program was fantastic. When we had our first phone call with our son, I really anticipated him asking why we sent him to a wilderness program… with a stranger… in the middle of the night! Instead, the first thing that he said was, “Mom! You won’t believe how much better I am doing!…. Priceless!!! I can’t stop looking at the CD. I haven’t seen him playing or smiling like that in a long time! I wish that I could have met all of you during the workshop. Ty and I especially appreciate the time you spent with our son.”

  - Prissy Snelling , Dallas TX


“The trip was an unforgettable experience. We both saw the tremendous healing power of nature spoken of by Aspiro. From our initial experience at base camp to our 8.6 mile hike in canyonland it was all great opportunity to reconnect with our son and continue the journey to healing our relationship.”

- Tom and Sue Turrini, Windsor, CA



“We are very excited and appreciative to see the progress he made while at Aspiro. Your program is extremely well done and we would highly recommend it to anyone with a child who is in need of direction and empowerment. Overall we feel that your program is amazing and we are very grateful that you were there for us and especially for our son.”

 - Mary Eloisa and Richard, Canada


wilderness program for troubled youth

“We are very thankful to all the staff, and our daughter reports that ASPIRO was truly the catalyst of her change.”

- Michael D. Vaughan , Juliet, TN.

“We felt so blessed to have this ‘preventive’ experience for our grandson, as he was on the verge of ‘being lost’.”

- Grandmother of 2008 graduate, Seattle, WA

“We wish to thank all the staff at Aspiro Adventure Wilderness for responding so quickly when we contacted you with our request to bring our son back to the program. Your willingness to have an evening arrival made the entire endeavor possible. Throughout our son’s two stays with you, we have always felt the program’s cooperation and helpfulness.

- With appreciation, Parents of graduate, Watertown, MA

"Never in a million years did I think my daughter would be involved in the things she was involved in. I felt for and comforted my friends that had kids that were involved with drugs. How could this be, my daughter was now involved in drugs and other things. It was not an easy decision for us to send our daughter to Aspiro, but we realized we were loosing her. We had tried everything we know how to do and needed help to try and reach her. We made the decision to send her to Aspiro and are grateful that we did. At Aspiro our daughter experienced, first-hand those things we tried to teach her in our home. In her own words, "it was the hardest most rewarding experience I have ever had."

Her Aspiro experience taught her many things, most importantly, it taught her she could rely on herself, her parents and her God for help. The Aspiro Adventure experience will always be a source of strength for her as she is faced with trials in her life. Our daughter will remember the trials she faced, and how she over came them in the wilderness."

– Dave and Wendy Ballard from South Jordan, UT

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