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The Aspiro Group has pioneered  dynamic and powerful therapeutic wilderness programs (Aspiro, Vantage Point) for adolescents and young adults.  Wilderness Adventure Therapy combines clinically sophisticated treatment with outdoor adventure activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, canyoneering and downhill skiing to treat a wide variety of adolescent and young adult challenges.  Our programs naturally build perspective, maturity, self-efficacy and confidence.

Wilderness Adventure Therapy is an exciting, powerful, and effective wilderness program model which promotes healing, personal empowerment and behavioral change.

The Aspiro Group of wilderness programs utilize a hybrid of traditional clinical modalities including: wilderness therapy, adventure therapy, family systems, experiential therapy, and experiential education.Wilderness Program

Aspiro students are immersed in a therapeutic experience that utilizes traditional talk therapy, self-efficacy building experiences, and intense processing of life issues.

Our healing approach is based on “the choice” and structure and support, rather than coercion or punitive consequences.

Students are invited to find their own “heart of peace,” and discover their true potential. The best way to understand Wilderness Adventure Therapy (WAT) is to break it down into its three distinct elements:

WILDERNESS: The foundation of WAT is outdoor living. In the outdoors, students learn to live the simple life of a backpacker. Away from negative influences, students learn to be self-reflective, re-evaluate their life goals, and to rediscover who they really are. Students learn from experienced guides, who model healthy relationships and center their lives on personal and family values. Students experience a holistic approach to healing including nutrition, daily exercise, relaxation, stress management skills, journaling, education, and regular physicals.

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ADVENTURE: To the untrained eye, Aspiro may just look like a bunch of fun activities. Upon closer examination, one quickly observes that different activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, canyoneering, and many others, are catalysts for desired therapeutic outcomes, targeted by each of our wilderness programs in Utah. These various activities are implemented in a way that students learn to create parental trust, resolve conflict, eliminate addictive patterns, overcome learning differences, and more. Guides use empirically based research to achieve desired outcomes in self- efficacy using Overwhelming Mastery Experiences, Self-Determination and Solution Focused theories.
Wilderness Programs
THERAPY: Students participate in individual and group sessions, facilitated by a Master’s or Ph.D. level therapist. Therapists address the specific needs of each student. The treatment team, headed by the therapist, constructs a comprehensive assessment of each participant. A collection of data from parents; professionals, psychological testing, and isomorphic field observations are used to formulate the assessment of each student. This assessment is then utilized to provide specific recommendations for transition plans and long-term success. Aspiro has pioneered a family component including a multi-day family workshop, mid-program. When clinically appropriate, parents may also join the group on the trail for a few days, up to a week. Parent participation is fundamental as our clinical team addresses family concerns and family dynamics in each wilderness program.Wilderness Programs in Utah

The world of therapy is changing, and Aspiro is changing it.

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