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Licensure & Accreditations

Licensing, Accreditation and other questions.

    1. Aspiro is licensed by the State of Utah as an Outdoor Behavioral Health Program. CLICK HERE
    2. As a licensed program, Aspiro is mandated to follow all of the State of Utah rules under Core Check List and under Outdoor Youth. These requirements can be found by CLICK HERE
    3. All staff is screened and receives a complete back ground check by the state of Utah and other states in which they have lived.
    4. Aspiro has a clinical director with associated licensed therapist. All therapists operate within their scope of practice and are licensed.
    5. Aspiro provides academic curriculum to all of its students who need high school credits.
    6. All students are pre-screened by a member of our clinical team for appropriateness to come to Aspiro. Acceptance is based on a review of the student’s current and past history of behavior, consultation with parents and professionals, and psycho-educational testing when appropriate. Once a student arrives at Aspiro they will remain at our transition camp for the first few days until the team feels they are safe to go to the field and participate in the program. Aspiro reserves the right to dismiss a student who is admitted into the program but later determined that he/she is not appropriate for the program.
    7. Students in Aspiro receive weekly individual and group therapy by a licensed therapist. In addition, guides will facilitate discussion groups. Guides are generally not a licensed therapist and do not perform therapy.
  1. Students in Aspiro can receive optional testing by Aspiro therapist OR by outside independent testers. This is the parent’s choice and does cost extra.
  2. Aspiro strives to be family friendly and requires parents to see their student during parent workshops and to go on the trail with their student. Parents who are visiting the program will not be allowed to distract or slow the program down.
  3. Safety: Student safety is a top priority. Aspiro can not guarantee that students will be safe. In the event of illness or injury, Aspiro will first take care of the student’s needs and contact the parent. If a student is being taken to the doctor for any reason, parents will be notified immediately. Parents also receive a weekly written progress report.  Any medical concerns are also in that report.
  4. Success: Aspiro does not attempt to define success. Success for one parent may be gauged by their child going to Harvard and another parent may feel their child successful as long as they stay out of jail. Upon admission, you may talk to our admission’s director and/or ask to talk to our therapist. Discuss with them your hopes of success and we can give you a general idea of realistic expectations.
  5. Aspiro uses a Solution Focused Model along with an integrity based agreement system that teaches students to find their own moral compass and live by it. Aspiro does not use punishment, level systems, etc. as a form of discipline.
  6. Aspiro is a wilderness outdoor adventure therapy program where students live in the outdoors. Phone calls with parents are not readily available due to the nature of the program. Therapists can arrange phone contact via a satellite phone when necessary.
  7. Aspiro is employee owned and operated. Aspiro does not receive or give money to other professionals for referrals.
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