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Aspiro Schools For Teenagers and Youth

In our program students face and overcome fears. Through every challenge, experience and struggle, a wiser child emerges. Our experienced therapists employ proven methods such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, reality therapy, self-determination therapy, solution-focused therapy, motivational enhancement and other beneficial approaches. Outdoor adventure therapy (wilderness treatment programs) provides a dynamic, nurturing atmosphere in which students build life skills, develop confidence and begin to heal from anger, anxiety, trauma, depression, drug use and family conflicts.Troubled Teenagers Programs

School For Teens

The Aspiro school for teenagers is specifically designed to treat adolescent males and females, ages 14-17, in single gender groups. Aspiro focuses on students with a wide range of emotional, behavioral, academic, family and other challenges, such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, attention deficits and oppositional/defiant behaviors.

Students in these groups typically need help in making better choices and seeing the value of preparing for their future. Adventure based therapy utilizes a non-punitive, dynamic adventure challenges to enhance self-efficacy, problem solving, awareness, respect, communication, sobriety, moderation, balance and other important life skills. Building confidence and life skills, along with practice making healthy lifestyle choices are key components to overcoming emotional, behavioral and substance abuse problems. We create atmospheres where students learn the value of participation, persistence, patience, teamwork and respect.

Teens Program

Schools For Troubled TeenagersThe Vantage Point teenagers program is designed for adolescent boys and girls ages 13–17 who are struggling with a variety of social, cognitive, learning and processing issues such Autism Spectrum Disorders, Nonverbal Learning Disabilities, Verbal Learning Disabilities and more significant executive function, impulse control and attention deficit disorders.

Vantage Point groups are co-educational groups for adolescents whose cognitive and learning issues are a primary contributor to their emotional, behavioral, academic, social and family difficulties. These students benefit from a very individualized course of experiential instruction in life skills. Social skills, problem solving skills, teamwork and awareness of others are taught through adventure–based experiential learning. The Vantage Point is pioneering new, dynamic ways to break through rigidity and build awareness and healthier behavioral patterns for those with cognitive challenges.

Adventure therapy is extremely effective with this population because students learn how to get out of their comfort zones and accomplish difficult tasks rather than avoiding them and seeking comfort. When adolescents have developed problematic rigidity and anxiety based avoidance, adventure therapy can be a very effective way to change course and develop healthier and more flexible responses through building self-confidence, self-efficacy, life skills, and social skills.

Youth School

The school for youth is designed specifically to help young adults ages 18-28 who are having difficulty launching into adulthood. Young adults in the youth program are often struggling with a variety of life challenges and have often developed issues with substance abuse. They also often struggle with cognitive, learning and processing issues that are interfering with their ability to launch successfully into adulthood. They struggle to live independently, or to finish their high school diploma or pursue their higher education goals. Schools For Troubled YouthThe youth program is very dynamic and engages each participant in finding motivation and hidden strengths.

Facing the therapeutic adventure challenges, living in the outdoors and functioning in a small team environment helps young adults learn independent living skills and helps them tap into their goals and natural desires to succeed. The youth program is specifically designed to help young adults see the world more clearly and adapt the demands of young adulthood. They are encouraged to examine their unhealthy or maladaptive thinking and behavioral patterns and see how they can better move forward toward their goals.

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